A LITTLE BACKGROUND… The Ca’ di Mazza harquebus-makers

The Cà di Mazza B&B has an important, interesting history. Today’s house was originally home to a family of famous harquebus-makers, the Negroni, who handed down the art of manufacturing firearms from father to son from the mid 18th century through to the first decade of the 19th century. They had their workshop at ‘Cà di Mazza’, described by Fantini as “a modest little house about 1 km from the hamlet of Brento, on a plain crossing the Savena-Setta watershed, near the south wall of Mount Adone”.

The abbot Calindri also wrote: "just a short way from the hamlet of Brento, with its 19 resident families, there was a little two-room villa, called Cà di Mazza. It was very famous, as inhabited by a few harquebus-makers who used burins and chisels on iron and steel to create very fine works of good taste”

Bed and Breakfast Ca' di Mazza - Via Brento, 199/2 Brento - MONZUNO (BO)